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Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Do you need to book in advance?

A: No, you just have to come to the lake when we're open and put your name on the list.


Q: When are you open?

A: Summer season: April until September inclusive, Mon/Wed/Fri 17:00 – dusk, Sat/Sun 08:00 – 13:00.

Winter season: October until December inclusive, all day Saturday, around 10:30 onwards,

                            January until March inclusive, all day Sunday, around 10:30 onwards.

Please check the rota page for further information as the club is opened voluntarily by our members.


Q:  Could I book a tow for next week?

A: Unfortunately not, we operate on a first come first on the water basis!


Q: How long will I have to wait?

A: It’s hard to say as it varies on any given day, it all comes down to how many other members/visitors arrive before you… Generally we’re busiest on hot/sunny days!


Q: What time should I come to get a visitors tow?

A: It’s best to arrive as early as possible after the opening time for any given day.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Visitors tows are £20  for adults, £12 for children and members tows are £7.00


Q: Do I need to pay extra for a lesson?

A: No, we have loads of instructors who will be happy to help.


Q: Do I need to buy my own equipment first?

A: No, not unless you’re especially style conscious… we’ve got everything you need to try water skiing or wakeboarding, we just cannot guarantee the colour.


Q: How do I become a member and what does it cost?

A: Please come down to the ski club and speak to one of us in person…  we have different membership options (i.e. Single/Child/Family) and the price of these reduce throughout the year.


Q: How long is a tow?

A: It’s 8 minutes… this might not seem like long, but most people who have never skied or boarded before will be tired well before their time is up. Skiing when your tired is a health and safety risk.


Q: Can I have a 30 minute tow?

A: No, unfortunately you can only have one tow at a time to make sure everyone else gets a go.


Q: What’s this run by members / voluntary basis thing?

A: We’re not a business run by managers for profit, we’re a club run by our members on a not for profit basis. A committee, voted for by members oversees the running of the club. Nobody is paid to be at the club when we have access to the water... This is why when the weather is really, really bad (torrential storm) there might be nobody there, however a bit of rain doesn’t usually stop us! Some of our members volunteer to ‘open’ the club up (please see the rota page), occasionally they might be late (personal circumstances such as work can get in the way), or there’s nobody on the rota,  but there is usually someone else who is able to step in and help on the day.


Q: Can I come down with some friends?

A: Yes by all means bring some friends, but please be aware that a visitor can only ski in every 10th slot. This means that there can be a one and a half hour wait between each visitors slot.


Q: Why can visitors only ski in every 10th slot?

A: Because our time on the water is limited, we have to limit the amount of guaranteed visitors tows so that it is fair on everyone who pays for membership. We will always try and accommodate as many visitors as possible, but it does depend on how busy we are. We cannot guarantee every visitor will get a tow as we have no way of knowing  how many visitors and members will turn up, this is why we always recommend coming early.


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: No, our prices merely cover the clubs costs, so unfortunately no discounts are available.


Q: I’d like to arrange a corporate/group event, how do I do this?

A: Please contact us directly through the contact form at the bottom of this page to discuss this. We do try to accommodate these when we can, but our limited time on the water and our need to ensure our member are not compromised does impact on our availability for group events.


Q: Do we have an equipment shop on site selling wetsuits, impact jackets, ski’s, wake boards, etc?

A: We do not have a shop on site that sells equipment, however we do have equipment available for visitors and members to borrow whilst they get started.


Q: Can I launch my own powerboat, windsurf or canoe etc on the lake?

A: You cannot do any of this through us, please contact Trafford Water Sports Centre directly.

Please have a read through our frequently asked questions before continuing to the contact form at the bottom of this page.

If you have any further questions please use the Contact Form button below to get in touch. Additonal infomation can also be found by clicking the 'Club Information' link.

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